The Real Need: Children/teens not fulling their true potential. Not understanding their value.

The HOPE Mentor program is an exciting opportunity to work directly with at-risk local elementary school children and teenagers in Washington DC to create positive relationships and engage them through interesting and enriching activities.



The Real Need: Underprivileged children in need of positive relationships and role models.

We also have an exciting partnership with Horton’s Kids, a community-based organization in Washington, DC that empowers and mentors at-risk youth living in Anacostia. 



The Real Need: The opportunity for kids to just be kids and forget the harsh realities of their lives for a moment.

Project Playtime is a program at HOPE that allows us to love the homeless children community of Washington DC with no strings attached, in hopes of building a better life and future for them. The program meets two times a month to put on fun, engaging play activities based on a monthly theme.